Honey Baked Ham CateringHoney Baked Ham Catering

Imagine a big feast where lots of tasty food is served to everyone. This is called catering and one special place that does it really well is Honey Baked Ham (Honey Baked Ham Catering). They are known for making a special kind of ham that is sweet, crunchy and smoked.

A Special Ham:

  • At Honey Baked Ham they make a ham that’s different from others. It’s not just tasty it’s also famous. People love to have this ham at celebrations and parties. The special sweet and crunchy glaze on the ham makes it stand out.

A Long Time Ago:

  • HoneyBaked Ham’s story began a long time ago in 1957. A person named Harry J. Hoenselaar inaugurated the initial establishment of Honey Baked Ham in the state of Michigan. He had a clever way of slicing ham in spirals which made it easy to serve. This idea helped the store grow and now there are more than 400 Honey Baked Ham stores all over the country.
  • The journey from the beginning to now has been guided by the Hoenselaar family’s promise to make good food. This promise has made HoneyBaked Ham not just a regular place to eat but a special one with a lot of history.

In this article we will learn more about HoneyBaked Ham’s catering. We will discover their yummy food understand why their catering is great and find out how to order from them. Let’s explore the delicious food learn about the past and see what makes HoneyBaked Ham catering so wonderful.

Honey Baked Boxed Lunches Menu With Prices

Sandwich (Specialty)$11.09
Sandwich (Signature)$9.99
Garden Salad$10.99
Veggie Cobb Salad$10.99
Cobb Salad$10.09
Honey Baked Boxed Lunches Menu With Prices

Deli Trays

Sandwich Builder (Buffet)$8.79
Buffet (VIP)$10.99
Signature Meat$6.29
Sandwich (Supreme)$8.99
Fresh Veggie$52.49
Signature (Meat & Cheese)$60.09-$83.89
Cookie Temptation$29.99
Fresh Fruit$52.49
Deli Trays

Buffet Salad Menu

Buffet (Cobb)$34.99
Buffet Garden$29.99
Buffet (Veggie-Cobb)$29.99
Buffet Salad Menu

Deli Sides

Chicken Salad1 lb$9.49
Ham Salad1 lb$9.49
Potato Salad1 lb$6.99
Bacon Bliss (Broccoli)1 lb$6.99
Chips (Assorted)$1.99
Cookie (Assorted)$1.79
Deli Sides


Water (Bottled)$1.99
Canned Soda$2.09
Unsweet Tea (Gallon)$7.99
Sweet Tea (Gallon)$7.99
Lemonade (Gallon)$8.99

Another Honey Baked Ham Catering Menu

Ham Classic$8.29
Turkey Classic$8.29
Turkey Bacon Ranch$8.29
Tavern Club$8.29
Ham Salad$8.29
Smoked Turkey Salad$8.29
Chicken Salad$8.29
BBQ Smoked Stacker$8.49
Ham & Turkey Pesto$8.49
Ham & Turkey Bella$8.49
Roast Beef & Cheddar$8.49
Mediterranean Veggie$8.49
Chef Salad$8.49
Cobb Salad$8.49
Turkey Caesar$8.49
Buffet Trays
VIP Buffet$8.29 /person
Supreme Sandwich Tray$7.29/person
Signature Meat Tray$5.29/person
Sandwich Builder Buffet$6.99/person
Fresh Veggie Tray$39.99
Fresh Fruit Tray$39.99
Buffet Salads
Chef Salad$29.99
Cobb Salad$29.99
Turkey Caesar$29.99
Garden Salad$24.99
Sweet Treats
Cookie Temptation Tray$23.99
Brownie Indulgence Tray$23.99
Brownie & Cookie TrayServes 14-18 $23.99
Honey Baked Ham Catering Menu

Pros of Choosing Honey Baked Ham Catering

Honey Baked Ham catering comes with lots of good things that make it a great choice for your special events. Let’s examine a few positive aspects:

  • 1. Tasty and Ready-to-Eat: The food from HoneyBaked Ham is not just delicious it’s also ready to eat. That means you don’t have to worry about cooking or preparing food. It’s all done for you!
  • 2. Buffet Magic: They have a special thing called a “buffet.” This is like a big table filled with different types of food. You can build your own sandwich with the things you like. It’s like a food adventure!
  • 3. Options Galore: HoneyBaked Ham has lots of different foods you can choose from. Whether you want sandwiches, salads or even desserts they have it all. This is great because everyone has different tastes and you can pick what you like.
  • 4. Easy Ordering: You don’t have to stress about ordering. You can do ordering easily on their website. Just choose what you want how much you need and when you want it. It’s as simple as that!
  • 5. Perfect for Events: Whether it’s a party a work, meeting or a family gathering Honey Baked Ham catering fits in nicely. They have food for all kinds of events making your planning a breeze.
  • 6. No Cooking Fuss: Sometimes cooking for a big group can be a lot of work. But with Honey Baked Ham you skip all the cooking fuss. Their food is already prepared and ready to be enjoyed.
  • 7. Something for Everyone: If you like meat they have meat. If you’re into salads they have salads. Even if you’re a dessert lover they’ve got treats for you. This means nobody goes hungry or disappointed.
  • 8. Make it Special: With Honey Baked Ham your event becomes special. Their tasty food and buffet setups make it feel like a grand feast. Your guests will remember the good food and fun.
  • 9. No Cleanup Worries: After a good meal there’s usually a big mess to clean up. But with catering, you don’t have to worry. Honey Baked Ham brings everything neatly packed and you don’t have to clean up a big mess afterward.

So if you’re thinking about making your event delicious and easy Honey Baked Ham catering is a choice that gives you a lot of advantages. From tasty food to a variety of options they’ve got you covered.

How to Order from Honey Baked Ham Catering

Ordering delicious food from HoneyBaked Ham catering is easy and convenient. Whether you’re planning a party, a work event or a family gathering here’s a step-by-step guide to help you place your catering orders:

  • 1. Explore the Options: Visit Honey Baked Ham’s website to see all the yummy options they offer. They have a wide range of sandwiches, salads, deli trays and more to choose from.
  • 2. Find a Store: You can order online or find a nearby HoneyBaked Ham store using the store locator on their website. This helps you decide whether you want to pick up your order or have it delivered.
  • 3. Pick Your Favorites: Browse through their menu and choose the items you want to order. You can select sandwiches, salads, deli trays, desserts and beverages based on your preferences and the size of your event.
  • 4. Decide on Quantity: Think about how many people you’re serving. Choose the quantity of each item accordingly. They have options for both small gatherings and larger events.
  • 5. Add-Ons if Needed: If you want to make your meal even more special you can add extras like cookies, brownies and beverages to your order. These add-ons can complement your main menu items.
  • 6. Review Your Order: Before finalizing take a moment to review your order. Make sure you’ve chosen the right items and quantities. Double-check if you’ve included any special requests or instructions.
  • 7. Place Your Order: Once you’re satisfied with your selections it’s time to place your order. If you’re ordering online follow the steps on the website. If you prefer to order over the phone, you can call the store directly.
  • 8. Choose Pickup or Delivery: During the ordering process you’ll be asked whether you want to pick up your order from the store or have it delivered to your location. Select the choice that aligns most effectively with your preferences.
  • 9. Provide Information: Fill in the required information including your contact details and the event date. If you’re getting your order delivered make sure to provide accurate delivery information.
  • 10. Payment and Confirmation: Choose your mode of payment and complete the transaction. After submitting your order you’ll receive a confirmation email or message with the details of your order.
  • 11. Prepare for Pickup or Delivery: If you chose to pick up your order make a note of the pickup date and time. If you opted for delivery ensure someone is available to receive the order at the specified time.
  • 12. Enjoy the Feast: Once your order arrives all that’s left to do is enjoy the delicious food with your guests. Honey Baked Ham’s catering will surely make your event a tasty success!

Ordering from Honey Baked Ham catering is a simple process that ensures you get scrumptious food delivered or ready for pickup making your event planning hassle-free.

Honey Baked Catering Reviews

Customers love the catering services offered by Honey Baked Ham and here’s why they can’t stop raving about it:

Positive VIP Package Experience:

One of the most popular choices among customers is the VIP package. This package is all about giving you the VIP treatment for your event. You can customize your own sandwiches with a variety of bread, meats, cheeses and toppings. It’s like building your dream sandwich This customization lets you create a meal that suits your tastes perfectly.

Variety that Impresses:

Honey Baked Ham knows that everyone has different preferences. That’s why their catering menu is packed with a variety of options. From mouthwatering meats to fresh salads there’s something for everyone. And let’s not forget about the sweet treats like cookies and brownies that add a delightful touch to any event.

Pricing for Different Groups:

Planning for different group sizes? Honey Baked Ham’s catering has you covered. Here’s a rough idea of the estimated pricing:

  • For small groups of 4-6 people, the cost is around $330-$500.
  • For medium-sized groups of 8-15 people, the estimate is about $600-$1,250.
  • For larger groups of 20 and more, the estimated price starts at $1,600 and can vary based on your choices.

Timely Deliveries and Quality Food:

One thing that sets Honey Baked Ham apart is their commitment to quality and punctuality. Customers consistently praise their timely deliveries and the top-notch quality of the food. When you’re planning an event knowing that your catering will arrive on time and taste amazing is a huge relief.

Delicious and Memorable:

Many customers have shared their satisfaction with the catering provided by HoneyBaked Ham. The delicious food and the way it’s presented make events truly memorable. Guests enjoy the variety and the flavors that cater to different tastes making it a hit among both picky eaters and food enthusiasts.

In a world where catering can sometimes be hit or miss HoneyBaked Ham’s catering services stand out for their reliability, variety and delectable offerings. Their VIP package’s customization options range of pricing for different group sizes and reputation for on-time deliveries and quality food make them a top choice for any event. If you want your event to be a hit consider HoneyBaked Ham’s catering where tasty food and happy guests are guaranteed.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How many people will a Honey Baked Ham serve?

The serving size of a Honey Baked Ham can vary based on the type of ham and the appetites of your guests. As a general guideline a half bone-in ham typically serves around 10-12 people while a whole bone-in ham can serve approximately 20-25 people.

2. How much Honey Baked Ham to order for 10 people?

For a gathering of 10 people ordering a half bone-in ham should provide ample servings. This size should accommodate various preferences and allow for some leftovers.

3. How much Honey Baked Ham for 11 people?

For a group of 11 people a half bone-in ham or a smaller whole ham should suffice. It’s a good idea to consider your guests’ appetites and whether you’d like to have leftovers.

4. What size ham for 10 adults?

For a party with 10 adults a half bone-in ham or a whole boneless ham is recommended. These sizes ensure everyone gets a satisfying portion and allows for a variety of side dishes.


  • In this blog post we’ve explored the delectable world of Honey Baked Ham catering a fantastic choice for your special events. We’ve delved into the rich history of HoneyBaked Ham founded in 1957 by Harry J. Hoenselaar, and how it has grown into a thriving food institution known for its signature sweet and crunchy glazed bone-in smoked ham.
  • We’ve dived into the diverse menu options that HoneyBaked Ham offers from their scrumptious boxed lunches and deli trays to their mouthwatering buffet spreads and delightful desserts. The pros of choosing Honey Baked Ham catering are crystal clear it’s a convenient hassle-free way to serve tasty ready-made meals that cater to diverse preferences.
  • Placing your catering orders with HoneyBaked Ham is a breeze whether you’re ordering online through their user-friendly website or using their store locator to find the nearest branch. With a step-by-step guide to ordering you can effortlessly select your menu items, quantities and add-ons to create a personalized feast.
  • The rave reviews and positive feedback about HoneyBaked Ham catering speak volumes about its quality, variety and timely deliveries. From the highly customizable VIP package to the estimated pricing for different group sizes HoneyBaked Ham ensures a satisfying experience for every event.

So if you’re seeking a delicious and convenient catering solution that elevates your gatherings HoneyBaked Ham is the answer. Head over to their official website for more details, explore the menu and place your orders. Let HoneyBaked Ham catering transform your events into flavorful and memorable occasions that leave everyone satisfied and delighted.

Additional Resources

For more information about HoneyBaked Ham catering and to explore their menu options you can visit their official website: HoneyBaked Ham Official Website

  • To access the catering menu and place your orders check out their dedicated catering page: HoneyBaked Ham Catering
  • For details about store locations and to find a branch near you use the store locator: HoneyBaked Ham Store Locator
  • If you’re interested in their story and background you can learn more on their “About Us” page: HoneyBaked Ham About Us
  • For career opportunities and job listings with HoneyBaked Ham, visit their careers page: HoneyBaked Ham Careers
  • If you have specific questions or want to know more about the ordering process check out their FAQs: HoneyBaked Ham FAQs

These resources will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of HoneyBaked Ham’s catering services, their menu offerings and how to make your events a delightful success with their delicious food options.

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